Discussion on Prop. 8

October 14, 2008

This is a huge moral issue.  We aren’t allowed to pray or even say the pledge in some places, but people want to teach my children and yours that marriage is not just for a woman and man, and that life choice is “normal” and “acceptable” .

Educational material for the whole United States is published and printed in CA.  What laws go on the books in CA effect everyone.  Books with the Gay agenda will find there way (quite quickly) through out the US and parents won’t have any say as to what their children are taught.

If this just effected CA residents it might not be such and issue.  But this is going to effect how laws are changed everywhere.  And also, if this Prop doesn’t pass churches will have to change their policies.  We will be restricted as to how we worship.

So to just think that this is only about having a right to marry whom you want, and think this has anything to do with civil rights is naive and misinformed.  If you have studied history you know that this country was founded on Christian beliefs.  I come from a long line of Southerners.  I’m well educated on Civil Rights.  Gays aren’t a race.  They have made life decisions that they want to impose on the rest of society.  To compare this to segregation is ridiculous.  Interestingly enough Blacks segregate themselves in the South today.  There are all black schools and Colleges everywhere.

Below is the reason I moved my blog page and started new.  I am not using Google.

Google has announced that they are opposing California’s Prop 8
If you’d like to join in my “No on Google” campaign, stop searching on Google so they won’t get paid. There is information on other search engines below. Also, be sure to say good-bye to Google on the way out (url below). They need to know you are leaving and why.
As you continue reading, remember that the American colonists gave up tea and other things they loved in order to avoid paying unfair taxes; the signers of the Declaration of Independence signed away their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor”, and many lost all three. Soldiers, then and now, have given their time and their lives in the cause of liberty. I’m asking you to give up Google.

Google representatives claim that the wording of the Proposition is ambiguous and that it will create increased government intervention in the lives of same-sex couples. Talk about twisting the truth.

The link Google provided to “Proposition 8” doesn’t take you to the text of Prop 8, it takes you to a propaganda page “about the proposition” (aka the Voter Information Guide) written by California’s gay Attorney General, Jerry Brown*.

The text of the proposition, itself, is one sentence. It is not ambiguous. The passage of this proposition will not curtail any rights that same-sex couples currently have or create any further “government encroachment” on the rights of same-sex couples. On the contrary, it actually protects families and the institution of marriage from further “government encroachment” .

Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized
in California.

That’s it!

*Brown’s rewrite of the voter information guide piece was appealed because it
totally misrepresents the content, purpose and scope of the proposition; the
appeal was denied.

Info on other search engines here (thanks to IPerceive.net for the link):
(I am currently trying out kartOO and Quintura, on different computers)

http://www.readwrit eweb.com/ archives/ top_100_alternat ive_search_ engines.php

You can say good-bye to Google here:

http://www.google. com/support/ investors/


I’ve switched blogs

October 14, 2008

If you were following my other blog, you know that I am boycotting Google and switched from blogspot to wordpress.  I hope I can figure out how this page works and us it with the same ease I did on blogspot.  Wish me luck.